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Ben Stokes Marketing

Ben Stokes Marketing is a specialist full-service Internet-based technology agency. With our aggressive pricing structure, we are able to offer realistic prices to fit in with your budgets. We provide a wide range of services to the private SME vertical and corporate sectors. We also support our clients to deliver their tactical objectives, all the while ensuring that we align with the corporate strategy.

Our people and partners are highly skilled specialists with many years of experience working with public and private sector clients across a wide variety of projects. Our people have a depth of technical knowledge, they inspire confidence which in turn delivers results.

We are very proud that we have developed robust and long-term business relationships with the majority of our client base, over 90% of our business is repeated. We think this is because of how we deliver results as soon as possible. This, in turn, minimises any risks and will help to build the case for wider business change.

We deploy bespoke programming solutions and also work with WordPress and Magento technology platforms, allowing our clients to progress on the Internet successfully. WordPress and Magento are the most widely used and supported CMS’s on the web today. This also means that this software is the most secure system for distributing and storing your content.

We like to summarise our approach as ‘strategic focus, hands-on delivery’, we work with one objective, to exceed our client’s expectations.