Brochure Website Design

Brochure websites are made up of a few concise select pages that will promote your product and company awareness. They are suitable for either new or established companies who have not taken advantage of an Internet presence. This type of website is also very advantageous for large corporations who wish to promote new products and services via mini sites.

Brochure Website Pages

A brochure website would include the following pages and any desired subpages requested:


The home page will include a brief introductory description of your business. The home page should clearly detail features and ‘calls to action’ which promote information on unique services/products etc.

About us

The about us page will have a detailed description of your business to include, company formation, members of staff (if applicable), directors and details of your company premises.

Products / Services

The products/services page would include a clear and descriptive account of the services and products you wish to promote. Normally these pages are laid out with bullet points and images were appropriate. Each product or service should have its own detailed description.

Contact us

The contact page will include your business address, Google map, phone number, company number (if required) and email addresses. Also, a standard contact form will be integrated to the page. If required you can choose to have a file upload button, this will enable your clients to send images and documents via the contact form.