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Facebook Insights Likes

Facebook insights are a brilliant way of seeing who your fan base are and how they relate to your Facebook business page. When you click on the likes button, you will be able to analyse your demographics and locations of your Facebook business page fans. Using Facebook business likes will also let you see the age groups …

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Facebook Content Rules For Business Cover Photo

Facebook Timeline

Facebook has set some pretty strict rules for what you can display and what you can not display as your Facebook business cover image. Below we have listed the Facebook guidelines for you to look over. If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.     What you are allowed to display: …

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How To Use Facebook Insights

Facebook insights

Facebook insights are a great marketing tool, they can help you track all of your Facebook user activity. We would say the best time saver is to export all your Facebook data once a month before analysing. From there you can see which status updates performed the best, whether your target audience responded well to …

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Facebook Business Page Image Sizes

Since we are are having a few customers ringing in asking for the required image sizes for their Facebook business pages. We thought it was best to put them up on our Facebook business page blog. Please find bellow a comprehensive list of all required image sizes for your Facebook business page:     Cover photo: 851 …

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Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Are Facebook ads worth it? Facebook ads are a great idea, also a cost-effective way of advertising that can increase your brand’s presence, over the Facebook platform. We would say that Facebook ads are very easy to set up. don’t be put off by expense, as you can buy in at a very small ad spend. A …

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How To Add Your Website Link To Your Facebook Local Business Page

facebook local business

You may have noticed Facebook does not provide a website URL box, so you can not enter your website address link. But . . . we have found out a sneaky trick to let you add your website address so it shows on the front page of your Facebook local business page! You can do this by …

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Tips For Your Business Facebook Page

Facebook image sizes

Here we have listed two Facebook business page tips, we hope they help you. More to follow next month. Call to action graphic Here is a simple little tip, your Facebook page is for promoting your business and turning your visitors into fans. Place a call to action graphic where your visitors will first see …

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How To Remove The Series Of Numbers On Your Facebook Page URL

Facebook fan page url edit

Have a Facebook page, have a lot of numbers on your Facebook page URL? For example: This very quick tutorial will show you how to delete those annoying numbers on the URL.       First, you need to have over 30 fans on your Facebook page for this to be allowed Now navigate to …

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