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Is It Possible To SEO Your Old Website

How could you Apply SEO on Your Website? In this article, we will talk about whether SEO could be applied on an active website or if you need to start at the beginning. You’ll be happy to discover that your existing website is capable of having SEO applied! However, you should keep in mind that …

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Creating Successful Content

  Creating Successful Content – What’s involved? Here at Ben Stokes Marketing, our Content Marketing team has only one purpose, delivering the best results to all our customers. Over the last couple of months, our team of experts have been creating interesting and exciting content to increase our customer’s search engine optimisation campaigns. Business Goal: …

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Website Canonical Tags

What is a canonical tag? If you look at the source code of a modern website you will see that a canonical tag looks like: <link rel=”canonical” href=”  /> This code should be entered into the head HTML of the web page. Why use a canonical tag? Top SEO specialists will suggest that a canonical tag should appear in …

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Speculated Google Panda Update 22

There has been a lot of speculation regarding some SERP changes over last weekend, Google has not yet confirmed anything. They have said that there will be a Panda update over the next few days though, so the changes were most likely to do with Panda but have not yet been completed. If the changes were due to Panda this means …

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Google Panda 21

panda 21

Well, it is official, Google confirmed that Panda was updated on the 5th of November. This is now the 21st Panda refresh update that is on record, the update before that was on the 27th of October 2012. This update will have an impact on around 0.4% of search terms that a normal user may use …

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Panda 20


Oops, bit late on this one, been so busy here with other things. Well, yet again Google has released an update on the Panda, this time they have called it Panda 20. This is the 20th Panda update now, hence calling it Panda 20. the update is a pretty major one, changing around 3% of …

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Google Exact Match Domains No Longer Rank As Well

google logo

Matt Cutts (head of Google web spam) dropped the bomb last week, that Exact Match Domains will no longer carry their heavy weight on the Google search engine. This is no real shock as he announced that Exact Match Domains would be getting reviewed a couple of years ago.     Who has been affected? …

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Google Algorithm Update On August 28th?

google algorithm

Don’t know if anyone else has reported on Google changing its algorithm today? However, webmaster tools blog has a lot of reports and people noticing major surges and down surges on their keywords. Check out the Google webmaster blog Huge traffic increases have been reported to us, we doubt that this is anything to do with Panda – as …

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Google Panda Update 3.9.1

Google Panda

Just as we were all thinking the Google pandas had gone to sleep, along comes the Google Panda 3.9.1 update. There was a lot of people talking about the update around a week before it happened, so yes the rumours were true. Google have told us via Twitter they updated the Panda on August the 20th. Not many …

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No Google Penguin Update In Around 9 Weeks

google penguin update

Are you waiting for the next Penguin update, been a while hasn’t it! We are looking at around 9 – 10 weeks since Google updated or even just sent out the same edition of the last Penguin. All we are hearing is SEO’s pondering over when Google will send out their Penguins again. From previous refreshes, we have learnt …

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