Fixing Common Java Errors

In the real word even if you are an experienced Javascript programmer or a beginner your Javascript will more than likely have a few errors in it. You would probably have missed a couple of semicolons or forgot to declare a variable. as we all know Javascript can be tedious and time-consuming if wrote from scratch, so you are bound to make a couple of errors on a script.

Java errors, just the same as any other programming errors can be set in two error fields.

  • Syntax errors – also known as Compile errors
  • Logical errors

Syntax errors are illegal use of programming language rules, when the program compiler notices them it will show an error message indicating the class details:

  • Name
  • Line number
  • Where the error is found
  • Type of error
On rare instances, the actual error code may place the error in a line but the error will not show there. You will want to have a good look at the code and manually find the errors instead.

this happens because one error may lead to another error message which confuses the system. If the error picked up is because of a missing semicolon it will cause the following one or more lines to become invalid. This will generate an error message for all of the errors. Once that error is fixed all of the following error messages will be cleared.

Do not worry if you have created a Javascript with syntax errors, it is very common and today even the best Java programmers are still missing them out here and there. The most important thing to know is how to fix them. Below you will find listed some of the common Javascript errors made.

Capitalization Errors:

Java is case sensitive for example, Total is not the same as total

The file name is different than the public class name:

A Java file should not be saved in a file with exactly the same name, it should be saved in a file named. Java. For example car.java. saving the file in another way will cause a compiling error.

“Line nn: ‘;’ expected”:

This error means you wrote a new line without telling the compiler. When you code a line and it is too long to fit on a line, you will probably want to split the code into two lines. Doing this by only pressing the enter key will confuse the compiler, this will then generate an error message. Instead of using the enter key to split lines of code you will need to concatenate (forming two character strings) with a  ‘+’ code symbol before adding the extra line of code.

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