Is It Possible To SEO Your Old Website

How could you Apply SEO on Your Website?

In this article, we will talk about whether SEO could be applied on an active website or if you need to start at the beginning.

You’ll be happy to discover that your existing website is capable of having SEO applied! However, you should keep in mind that it would be more of a benefit for your SEO campaign to be performed on a website that has been designed with SEO in mind. Since the more SEO friendly it actually is, the more efficient it will be at creating eye traffic.

Irrespective of whether you choose to use your active site or perhaps choose to opt for a different site, we must crack on with setting it right and applying your SEO!

On-site SEO

On-site SEO would be the cornerstone of an SEO campaign, a definite must if you would like permanent good results and rankings on Google.

On-site SEO includes several factors, listed below are some of the essential ones:

         Content

         Page Titles

         Website Usability

         Meta Descriptions

         Quality of Site Build

         Schema

         Contact Information

         Site Speed

         Authorship & Publisher Status

         Optimising a Customer’s Journey

         Headings

Taking into consideration, these points are essential factors of On-site SEO and many others follow. As you can see SEO is a very time consuming job, it takes great ability to get every one of these factors functioning correctly on a optimised website.

The great part of On-page SEO today is that now any content wrote is wrote with the user in mind. If we go back just a couple of years, it was a lot different; the more times you crammed your keywords onto a page, the greater your ranking. At the moment Google are looking carefully at user engagement, so the way forward is to think about your visitors and how you can benefit them with feature rich copy.

The average person surfing the Internet is looking for specific information or products/services. If your website does not provide what the user is searching for they will not stay on your website for very long. This will in turn damage your user engagement conversions. Since Google are now ranking websites that have a high user engagement this will effect your website in the SERPS.