The Rules Of ALT

Here you will find some guidelines on how to use correct ALT tag descriptions. These rules should help you make your web page more effective.

  • Always use the ALT attribute in <IMG ...> and <AREA ...> tags, and in image type <INPUT ...> tags. You should always use the ALT tag in these situations.
  • If the image you have uploaded has no visual meaning , then use ALT="". if the image uploaded is just for a bullet, use ALT="*"and if it is for a “horizontal rule” use ALT="----------".
  • If the image uploaded is for a a company logo then put in the alt tag “the company name” for instance if the company name is Ben Stokes Marketing put in “Ben Stokes Marketing”.
  • If your image has a long description you can use the LONGDESC attribute which will then be pointed to another page. As LONGDESC is not really supported that well you can use “D-link” like this:
    <A HREF="barchart.html">D</A>
  • Another good point to remember is not to use ASCII art, such as --> to look like an arrow. if the image is an arrow, then use ALT="Next page"
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